llyr 2As Media Director, Llyr Johansen leads the development and execution of content production, media strategy and messaging for MPG.  An expert in digital storytelling, he brings nearly a decade of experience, having worked as a production professional on some of Hollywood’s biggest films, commercials and PSAs. Llyr’s portfolio is comprehensive having effectively implemented media messaging, communications, digital strategy campaigns and outreach for organizations involved in criminal justice reform, education, economic development, creative place making, and more. In his role as Media Director, he oversees the MPG team responsible for developing effective media strategies that serve to advance their clients’ efforts to catalyze broad impact through the sharing of creative content and media communication.

Prior to joining MPG, Llyr made his mark in Hollywood as a production professional in the film industry. There, he worked on the sets of numerous big-budget films including Inception, Shutter Island, The Dark Knight, and Zero Dark Thirty. During this time he volunteered, working on one Congressional and two Presidential races, engaging the community, canvassing, and managing get-out-the-vote operations. Prior to his work in Los Angeles, he served as a finance professional for Morgan Stanley and Raymond James Financial.

A Boulder native, Llyr holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.